SHEAT Group of Institutions, Varanasi

SHEAT College Of Engineering

SHEAT College of Engineering is catering to technical education since 2008. The college was established to become an engineering institution which provides education of international standards by striving towards excellence not merely through education but also through research, entrepreneurship and scientific temper. Live projects, prototype development and model building etc are the integral part of teaching pedagogy of the college since it’s inception.

Departments Courses

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
•M.Tech (CSE) •B.Tech (CSE)
Department of Electronics & Communication
•M.Tech (EC) •B.Tech (EC)
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
•B.Tech (EN)
Department of Mechanical Engineering
•B.Tech (ME)
Department of Civil Engineering
•B.Tech (CE)

Advanced Training In Computer Science And Engineering

Our program teaches students how to think critically and apply logical reasoning to solve complex problems. Students learn key transferable skills that make them both competitive and adaptable when they enter the workforce. The increasing demand for our graduates has led to above average and faster wage growth in this field relative to others. There are many exciting industry and research opportunities for graduates in roles such as Software Development, Cyber security, System Administration, Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT). The field of Computer Science is always growing and changing. Our cities, homes, cars and accessories will become smarter as they connect to the Internet and to each other. New and improved computing technology will continue to create new opportunities and challenges. Our graduates have the skills to meet these challenges and opportunities. Faculty from the Department of Computer Science work closely with industry to create program content that’s current and relevant. As a result, students gain relevant skills and knowledge that will benefit them for years to come.

Computer Science and Engineering Labs: Programming Lab, Algorithm design Lab, Data structure Lab, DBMS Lab, Computer organization Lab. DSTL Lab, DLD Lab, Computer Network Lab, Software Engineering Lab, Web Technology Lab, Compiler Lab, Python Lab.

Training Module: Hindsol software, BSNL, BHEL, Babatpur Airport Authority, BLW Varanasi, InfyTQ(Infosys Certification), Prutor (IIT-Kanpur)