Lecture halls

Our lecture halls are excellent for focusing the attention of a large group on a single point, either an instructor or an audio-visual presentation, and modern lecture halls often feature audio-visual equipment. A microphone and loudspeakers are common to help the lecturer be heard, and projection screens may be used for large displays.

Additional Facilities

For the convenience of the students, the campus also provide facilities like STD booth, canteen, Stationery shop, bank extension counter etc.

Extra Curricular activities

The institute aspires students to develop healthy body and mind essential for overall personality development.

Yoga Classes

Regular Yoga classes are available for the students who are residing in the hostels.


The institute has dedicated sports complex for the students to play football, cricket, lawn-tennis, volley ball, table tennis and badminton etc. Other indoor game facilities are available.

Adventurous Trips

Students are encouraged to mountaineering, para gliding and visits to historical places etc.

Cultural Activities & Seminars

In large hall, students are encouraged and provided necessary facilities and guidance to conduct cultural programs, to develop & display their talents. The institute has a grand and spacious auditorium. The students have created various societies and though these societies, they conduct seminars and conferences at regular intervals.

Training at Govt.& Pvt. Companies

We are provide training at Govt.& Pvt. companies.